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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
I have moved to Onsugar. everyone please relink me. This blog will still stay but i wont be posting at blogger. See ya at onsugar!
Forget reality
Haven slept, going to school later. After that going do CSO at the stupid elderly centre. Well tell me, Could life suck even more for me? :/
Light me a path
Went out to play pool at Safra today. Reached home before ten. As usual :D. Now Guanli is snoring on my bed.

Sometimes i think i don't even understand myself. Just what do i really want? All this setbacks in life. I don't want to face it myself, All i want is to share this burden. Perhaps, its a solo from now on. The road for you ain't direct anymore. You rather go the indirect way. Much memories together. All ends with nothing. Im disconsolate enough already. Why did i even remained silent in the first place. One wrong step leads to another wrong step. Everything is choking me up again.
Monday, August 17, 2009
Went to Downtown to have a few games of pool just now. Went over 418, Played cards. After that reached home. Talk to Dana on th phone for 2hours:D Used computer all the way till now. Tired but scared overslept for school. Im listening to the song 真心话. A few years back, was a very popular song. Haha! 喜欢你,想爱你,想说真心话~!
Manny khoo
Saturday, August 15, 2009
Manny adorable? This was when he just came into my house. The first or second week. So civillised. Sleep on his bed. Now lei? Sleep just below my bed. I've stepped on his tail countless time already. Dumb dog! Hahaa. After all, I still love him many many! Don't get mistaken. As a pet only, not as a lover. HAHAHA! Basically, I never went for steamboat today. I went to Tiffany chalet instead.
Friday, August 14, 2009
Blogger is sucky! Im going over to Tpy meet Po then after that Novena for seafood steamboat. Writing down my reflections on the stupid journal now >.<
Over-due Pic with BFF